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What should beattention when installing a water park equipment

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What should beattention when installing a water park equipment
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In recent years, domestic water appeared a certain degree of overheating investment, investors must understand the situation clearly, specific investment objective, investment scale and regional characteristics. The water park before investment, must do a preliminary market research to determine the feasibility of the project. This stage is very important, must invite professional companies involved.


Because many investors are reluctant to spend money, often now symbolically feasibility analysis, by the design unit or plant for the planning and construction are too late, through market research, determine the project's target audience is a dangerous precedent, continuing operations, the biggest reception capacity of the special design of theme park type and size, and the decision of the type and number of aquatic amusement equipment, and calculate the supporting facilities, reasonable and effective number of configuration, so as to reduce waste.

Choose the appropriate manufacturer. At present, very few domestic manufacturers, their production capacity, design capability and manufacturing process is different. To understand a business, the first thing to look at its technical level, the safety of the water park equipment or not is the main factor technology. Second, it depends on the production process and company size.

It is important to visit the actual project cases, and communicate directly with the user to understand the use of products and after-sales service. The access to the site, not only should pay attention to its appearance, but also to experience it. Fourth, preliminary planning should consider later construction cost and operation cost.

Think carefully about the choice of indoor and outdoor water park. In the end, before opening must set aside enough time to build, don't hurry. Time is short, the water park construction money collecting quickly, which leads to many investors to join the water park. In recent years, China's water park has experienced a construction of "blowout" type, the good and bad quality, the size of the different sizes. The author thinks that, the water park construction in China should be toward the service to the masses, lead healthy, toward the direction of the brand, glorious brilliant development, drive the industry healthy development, and should not be disorderly, vicious, low price competition.

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